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What is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid liquid and gas.
When energy is applied to gas atoms and molecules, they are broken into neutral particles, radicals, and photons – ionizing the gas.

Plasma technology plays an important role in current industrial fields.
By utilizing the chemical and physical properties of plasma, we can modify the surface properties of materials.

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Plasma Technology

Plasma Cleaning

Plasma technology can be used for effectively decomposing the contaminants on the surface.

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Plasma Activation

Plasma can help control the materials’ surface energy to change the wettability.

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Plasma Modifications

Various coatings can be applied to the materials by bonding the reactive particles to the surface

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The accelerated particles in an electrical field remove materials on the surface.

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Vacuum Chamber Technology

Femto Science has a unique chamber design to keep a uniform plasma inside the chamber regardless of the position.

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Vacuum Plasma System

Femtoscience Inc. provides effective vacuum plasma solutions for research and businesses

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Atmospheric Plasma

Atmospheric plasma system is known for its high throughput and convenience compared to other types of plasma.

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Parylene Coating System

Parylene Coating is a type of CVD process. A thin layer with thickness of μm~nm is conformally coated on the surface of the material.

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Plasma Applications

Plasma technology is applied to various industrial fields like semi-conductors, display, and medical devices.
It is a future-oriented technology with its applications continually being developed.

Surface Treatments and New Materials
Semi-conductors and MEMS
Bio-medical fields
New Energy Development
Environmental Engineering
Farming and Food Science